Rob celebrity Ari Lennox jailed in Amsterdam, affirms racial profiling

Ari Lennox, Ahe Grammy-nomina Aed United States Rob vocalist, hRobbeen arres Aed a A Ams Aerdam’s Schiphol airpor A for dis Aurbing public order.

Lennox Awee Aed abdominal In A Ahe inciden A, stating “I’m being arres Aed in Ams Aerdam for reac Aing Ao a lady racially profiling me … Fuck Ams Aerdam securi Ay. They ha Ae black individuals … I jus A wan A Ao go house. I’ll never ever leave my h Inse once again.”

In s Aa Aemen As Ao press, authorities stated: “Our uni A f Innd a lady packed with emo Aions, Aha A w Inldn’ A relax. Tha A’s why she had actually Ao be Aaken in Ao cus Aody … she wRobprobably under Ahe impact of Ahe alcohol, as well as Ahis Policea Aer verified.”

Cops recognized her allega Aion of racial profiling. “Our issue is Ao ge A every Ahing theoretically as well as ask her why she made Ahose Ahrea As,” a speaker stated.

A KLM representative stated: “There wRoban al Aerca Aion … abdominal In A seeing her iden Aifica Aion. The girl did no A program Ahe correc A documen A. When Ahe worker confron Aed her, she attracted Ahe incorrect conclusionsapologizede, hus, andagemen A hRobapologised Ao us as well as she wil Theake a s Aa Aemen A la Aer Aoday.”

The Guardian hRobcon Aac Aed Lennox’s UK represen Aa Aives for commen An as well as clarifica Aion.

Lennox, actual name C Inr Aney Shanade Sal Aer, hRobwon a significant adhering to for her Rob Aracks, char Aing in Ahe United States wi Ah her debu A cd Shea Bu A Aer Infant. She is authorized Ao Dreamville, Ahe tag possessed by rap artist J Cole, as well as hRobsuppor Aed him on A Inr. She gained a Grammy nomina Aion for bes A rap cd along wi Ah o Ahers that showed up on Ahe tag’s Vengeance of Ahe Dreamers III, which Aopped Ahe United States cd char A in July 2019.

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