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I assume the German word falschfahrer (incorrect chauffeur), for a person driving the upside-down down a freeway, to be wonderfully concise and also perhaps, like schadenfreude, can be integrated right into the English language (Letters, 20 February). With an aging populace, this mistake of judgment can come to be much more prevalent.

Frank Lloyd

Essen, Germany

Allow the document program that the Russian Federation let loose battle versus a next-door neighbor at once when the Russian Federation held the presidency of the United Nations protection council, accountable, inter alia, for the conservation of global tranquility and also protection.

Pole MacKenna

Koalas, Crete, Greece

Many Thanks to Gary Brooker and also Procol Harum (Obituary, 23 February), I have a seasonal ear worm.

Sara Hayward


As a young hopeful organist at my Methodist church in the 1960s, I played A Whiter Color of Pale as an initial item before the solution. Visualize my indignation after that when the elderly organist informed me, “you can not play things like that in right here”. Maybe the adversary truly does have all the very best songs.

John Dilleigh

Uppingham, Rutland

One more rival for the most resourceful replacement by a grocery store’s on-line shipment system (Letters, 21 February): my spouse got a box of suits from Sas, andry’s and also we obtained a package of firelighters.

Peter Wemyss-Gorman

Lindfield, West Sussex

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