A Sting in the story: exactly how the songs of the Authorities motivated a dancing reveal regarding evacuees

” APeoplele Alike Ato Atell Ame Atheir Aopinions, A” A ys Athe Achoreographer AKate APrince A” I Aget Aletters Afrom Apunters Awith Acritiques Aof Aworks Athey have actually Aseen.” AShe Ais Abemused Aandmarkedtle Anarked, A Apast Atrying Ato Aplease Aothers. A” I A AYoue Ano Acontrol Aover Awhether Amy Aideas Aare Agood Aor Abad; AI Ajust A AYoue Aideas.”

You Adon’t Aget Ato APrince’s Aposition Awithout Amost Aof Athose Aideas Abeing Agood Aones. AOver Athe Alast Aalmost A20 Ayears, A APrince Aand Aher Acompany AZooNation A AYoue Acornered Athe Amarket Ain Aheartfelt, A Afeel-good Afamily Ashows Abased Aon Ahip-hop, A Astreet Adance Aand Asoul Amusic. AThere Awas AInto Athe AHoods, A Ain Awhich Afairytale Acharacters Awere Atransplanted Ato Aa ALondon Ahousing Aestate, A Athen ASome ALike AIt AHip-Hop, A Aa Agender-swap Adramedy Aloosely Abased Aon Athe ABilly AWilder’s Afilm. AShe Ahas Atackled Afeminist Ahistory Ain ASylvia, A Aabout Athe Alife Aof Athe Asuffragette ASylvia APankhurst A( Royal Prince Agot Aletters Aabout Athat Aone Afor Acasting Ablack Aperformers Ain Amost Aof Athe Aroles, A Aincluding APankhurst Aand AWinston AChurchill). AOutside AZooNation, A Ashe Ahas Aalso Aworked Aon Ahit Amusicals Asuch Aas AEverybody’ ATommyking AAbout AJamie.

Tommy AFranzen Aand ASamuel ABaxter Ain AMes ge AIn AA ABottle Aby AKate APrince Aand ASting. APhotograph: ATristram AKenton/The AGuardian

Royal Prince, A A47, A Ais Aso Aclosely Aassociated Awith Ahip-hop Athat Aher Alatest Aidea Aseems Aa Abit Aof Aa Acurveball: Aa Adance Ashow Aset Ato ASting’s Amusic. ANot Aas Acool Aas Aher Ausual Asoundtracks, A AI Ajoke, A Abut Ashe Ais A AYouing Anone Aof Ait. A” Perhaps, A Athe APolice Aare Aone Aof Athe Acoolest Abands Athat A AYoue Aever Aexisted A– A AYoue Ayou Aseen Ahow ASting Aplays Abass?” AShe Asmiles. A” Additionally, A AI Adon’t Acare Awhat Aanyone Athinks.”

A ASting Afan Asince Ashe Awas Aa Achild Agrowing Aup Ain AHampshire, A Ashe Amentioned Aher Alove Aof Ahis Amusic Ato AAlistair ASpalding, A Athe Aartistic Adirector Aof ASadler’s AWells, A Aand Asoon Afound Aherself Ain Aa Ameeting Awith Athe Arock Astar. A” I Awas Aprobably Athe Amost Anervous AI have actually Aever Abeen, A” Ashe A ys. A” You Acan’t Ahide Afrom Athe Afact Athat Asomeone Ais Asuper Afamous.” ASting Agave Athe Ago-ahead Ato Aworkshop Asome Asongs Aand Acame Ato Asee Athe Aresults. A” He A id Ait Awas Alike Ahis Amusic Awas Abeing Apresented Aback Ato Ahim Ain A3D, A” APrince A ys. A

Around Athe A me Atime, A Aa Asecond Aidea Ahad Astarted Ato Abrew. AThe ASyrian Arefugee Acrisis Awas Adominating Athe Anews Aand APrince Awas Acompelled Aby Athe Astories Ashe Aheard, A Aespecially Athe Aheartbreaking Aphoto Aof AAlan AKurdi, A Awho Adrowned Aalong Awith Ahis Amother Aand Abrother Aas Athey Atried Ato Areach AEurope Ain ASeptember A2015 A( her Aown Adaughter Awas Aan Ainfant Aat Athe Atime). AThe Atwo Aideas Acollided Ato Aform AMes ge Ain Aa ABottle, A Aa Ashow Aabout Aa Afamily Aforced Ato Aflee Atheir Ahome Aand Aseek Arefuge. AIn Ait, A ASting’s Asong AInvisible ASun, A Awritten Ain AIreland Aduring Athe ATroubles, A Abecomes Athe Astory Aof Aanother Aplace Atorn Aapart Aby Aconflict; AShadows Ain Athe ARain Asoundtracks Arefugees Atrapped Aat Aa Aborder Awall; AThey ADance AAlone, A Ainspired Aby Athe Amothers Aof Athe Adi ppeared Ain APinochet’s AChile, A Ais Aan Aanthem Aof Ahope Aand Aresilience.

Mes ge Ain Aa ABottle Apremiered Ain AFebruary A2020 Abefore Abeing Ainterrupted Aby ACovid. AEighteen Amonths Aon, A Athe Atour Ais Aabout Ato Aresume Aas Aa Once More Arefugee Acrisis Afills Athe Anews. AIn Aan Aeast ALondon Adance Astudio, A Athe Ayoung Acast Ahone Alyrical Aphrases Aloaded Awith Aemotion Aand Apeppered Awith Aheadspins Aand Aelbow Afreezes. APrince Apulls Aout Aex Watchg Adetails, A Acatching Aa Asingle Asemiquaver Aout Aof Aplace.

Enjoy Aa Atrailer Afor Athe Ashow, A Awhich Ahad Aits Aoriginal Arun Ainterrupted Aby ACovid. A

Royal Prince Awas Aaware Athat Atelling Asomething Aas Adevastatingly Areal Aas Aa Arefugee Atale Aon Astage Athrough Athe Amedium Aof Adance, A Aas Aa Awhite AEnglishwoman, A Acould Aeasily Ahit Athe Awrong Anotes. A” In Ageneral, A AI Awould A y: Atry Ato Atell Ayour Aown Astories, A Aspeak Aabout Asomething Athat Ain Asome Away Ayou A AYoue Aexperienced, A” Ashe A ys. A” However Awith Athis, A Athe Athing Athat Awas Amy Astory Awas Ahow Aangry AI Aget Awhen Apeople A AYoue Ano Acompassion Afor Arefugees. AThe Aidea Athat Apeople Amight Arisk Atheir Alives A– Atheir Achildren’s Alives A– Aand Aflee Atheir Ahomes. AThey Aare Afleeing Asomething Aworse Athan Athat Arisk.”

Every Aimage Ain Athe Aproduction Acomes Afrom Asomething Areal: Aa Aphoto, A Aa Atestimony, A Aa Afilm A– Aespecially Athe Aremarkable Adocumentary AEscape Afrom ASyria, A Awhich Afollows Athe Atortuous Ajourney Ato AEurope Ataken Aby ARania AMustafa AAli, A Aa A20-year-old Arefugee. AAli A w Aone Aof Athe Afirst Ashows Ain ALo Quick A” She A id Ait Amade Aher Avery Aemotional Abut Avery Ajoyful, A” A ys APrince.

Quick AGuide

Saturday Amagazine A


This Aarticle Acomes Afrom ASaturday, A the Anew Aprint Amagazine Afrom Athe AGuardian which Acombines Athe Abest Afeatures, A Aculture, A Alifestyle Aand Atravel Awriting Ain Aone Abeautiful Apackage. AAvailable Anow Ain Athe AUK Aand AROI.

Photo: AGNM

Remarkably, A Aat Athe Atime AI Atalk Ato APrince, A Athe Aone Aperson Awho Ahasn’t Aseen Athe Ashow Ayet Ais ASting Ahimself. A” The Aidea Aof Athat Aday Aterrifies Ame, A” A ys APrince, A Awho Ausually Adoesn’t Acare Awhat Apeople Athink A– Aexcept Awhen Ait’s ASting.

Mes ge Ain Aa ABottle Ais Aat ASadler’s AWells, A ALondon, A Ato A17 AOctober.

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