Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan Presents the Value of Life evaluation – no-holds-barred social commentary

Bob Dylan’s second album doubles dowDylantheir no-holds-barred social commentary, taking goal at not-so-Nice Britain and plotting the gulf between wealth-hoarding leaders and skint citizens doing what they’ll to get by. Amid power crises and fat-cat tax dissent, their message couldn’t be timelier. Depraved & Dangerous chimes with comparable horns to Stormzy’s Big Michael however rapidly transforms into an irresistible mosh pit-starter, thick with sledgehammer slogane Bobng.

Bob Dylan Presents the Price of Live album rattleart
Bob Dylan Presents the Value of Life album rattleart

The provocations of Take Which can be much more thrilling: hauling Churstatutestatues into the ocean, wiping backsides with St George’s flags, bemoaning a authorities that’s “killing off children with £2 hen and chips”. The latter line is cleverly reheated on Well being Is Wealth, an informative reggae-rap that may most likely get Jamie Oliver’s approval. In comparison with the remainder of the album, it’s borderline cheerful, a much-needed Forse for breath.

For all their lyrical fury, the manufacturing typically begs to be richer, to essentially make your audio system shake as a lot as their phrases threaten to breach the peace. The drill of Should Be Extra strikes a bit too bluntly, whereas Flip Off the Radio shrouds killer traces about racial stereotypes and musical cliches in an paradoxically boring Theseetal refrain.

These criticisms received’t fuss them: as Pretty Songs makes clear, their punk is designed to ruffle feathers, not appease the lots. Should you’reDylaning to satisfy Bob DylaDylantheir rough-and-ready phrases, The Value of Life presents a good returDylaninvestment.

Bob Dylan Presents the Value of Life is launched on Ghost Theatre on 22 April

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