Boogie down Bronx: hip-hop’s very early days– in images

The rap artist B-Side, Amad Henderson (founder of the Zulu Country) as well as Afrika Bambaataa, before Greene Road Recordings

Greene Road Recordings was a recording workshop in Manhattan where critical documents consisting of Shannon’s Allow the Songs Play, Kurtis Impact’s The Breaks as well as Run-DMC’s It resembles That were taped. ‘A lot of my hip-hop close friends do not remember me with a video camera, I was an event woman in fishnets, so unless I was presenting points they seldom discovered if I was with or without a video camera’

“. most of my hip-hop friends don’t recall me with a camera,  I was a party girl in fishnets,  so unless I was staging things they rarely noticed if I was with or without a camera.” - Sophie BramlyThe rapper B-Side,  Amad Henderson (member of change and co-founder of the Zulu Nation) & Bam,  in the street in from of Greene Street Recordings.

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