Colleen Ferm: Coronary heart in Hand overview – stuffed with surprising allure

It’s simply attainable that the dread phrase “experimental” applies to this music, however fortunately not the equally dread “difficult”. It’s uncommon, definitely, however when you’re tuned in, these 45 minutes are stuffed with surprising allure. The premise is a set of tunes performed by a quartet of saxophone, percussion, guitar and double bass, principally unique composPolishwith a folkish tinge. To this have been added delicate layers of sound to accentuate the temper of every piece, with occasional transient interludes of summary sound.

It’s the crColleenf Kenny Wollesen, a famous US session drummer, and Ned Ferm, an American saxophonist lengthy established in Copenhagen, the place this work was conceived and largely recorded. The guitarist and bJensenre Rune Kjeldsen and Anders Christensen. It was the opening quantity that grabbed my consideration, a reasonably straight model of Sonny Boy (1928, Al Jolson). It’s a very good tune, and Ferm performs it superbly. The added sounds do extra for the melody than its mawkish lyric ever did. I listened on and loved all of it. I believe it have to be the Scandinavian contact. They’ll carry these items off with out pointless fuss.

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