‘He knew hip-hop may change his life’: how Biz Markie made his identify

When Athe Afuture Adirector ASacha AJenkins A, and Agrowing Aup Ain AAstoria, A AQueens, A Ahe A, and Aenthralled Aby Aa ANew AYork Arapper Awho Aconstituted Aa Ajolt Ato Athe Amusical Asystem. A“Biz AMarkie A, and Aso Afresh Aand Anew, A” AJenkins Aremembers Aof Athe Aearly Adays Aof Athe Alate Alegend Aand Ahip-hop Achange-maker. A“So Acompared Ato Awhat Ahip-hop Ais Atoday Aand Awhat Apeople Aare Ainto Anow, A Ahis Astory Ais Arefreshing Ain Aa Alot Aof A AFors.”

For Athe Aman Aborn Ainto Aa Ahousing Aproject Abefore Aliving Ain Aa Atent Aunder Aa ALong AIsland Abridge Aand Athen Aentering Afoster Acare, A AMarkie Afunneled Ajoyful Aart Athrough Ahis Aexperiences, A Aall Athe Awhile Akeeping Aa Achildlike Awonder Aabout Athe Aworld Aand Ainfluencing Aa Agenre Ain Athe Amidst Aof Achanging Aculture Aforever. AIt’s Aan Aimprobable Asuccess Astory Ahighlighted Ain AJenkins’s Anew Adocumentary AAll AUp Ain Athe ABiz: AThe ALife Aand ARhymes Aof ABiz AMarkie.

A Aveteran Adirector Awho Amost Arecently Ahelmed AShowtime’s AEverything’s AGonna ABe AAll AWhite, A Awhich Aput Athe Amodern ABlack Aexperience Aunder Aa Amicroscope, A AJenkins Aspent Athe Apast Atwo Ayears Aimmersing Ahimself Ain Athe Aworld Aof Athe Aman Amany Acall Athe AClown APrince Aof AHip-Hop, A Awith Athe Atwo Adiscussing Aa Apotential Aproject Aabout Ahis Alife Abefore Athe Arapper’s AJuly A2021 Adeath.

“When Ahe A, and Aaround, A AI Acouldn’t Amake Ait Ahappen; Ait Ajust Anever Aworked Aout Afor Awhatever Areason, A” Ahe Arecalls. A“Now Ait Afeels Agreat Ato Aget Athe Athing Aout Athere Aand Aknow Athat Ait’s Aat Aleast Awhat AI Abelieve Asomething Ahe’d Abe Ainto Abased Aon Athe Aconversations Awe Ahad.”

The Afilm Ais Aan Aeccentric Aportrait Aof Aan Aequally Aeccentric Aand Airidescent Afigure. AWhile Ait Anaturally Aopens Awith Aand Atouches Aon AMarkie’s Abiggest Amainstream Ahit Ain Athe Aform Aof A1989’s AJust Aa AFriend Aand Adelivers Atales Aof Ahis Apassion Afor Abeatboxing A(he’d Ahave Ato Asoak Ahis Alips Ain Aice Ahe’d Aperform Aso Aso Afiercely), A Ait Aalso Atakes Aa Awider Aview Aof AMarkie’s Avast Ainfluence Aand Alife Aoutside Aof Athe Amicrophone, A Aand Afeatures Ainterviews Awith Ahis Adoting Awidow ATara AHall Aas Awell Aas Aa Adisparate Alist Aof AMarkie Adisciples Aand Afriends Aincluding Athe Abeatboxer ADoug AE AFresh Aand ARun-DMC’s ADarryl AMcDaniels, A Aas Awell Aas ANick ACannon Aand ATracy AMorgan.

“There A, and Asomething Avery Asimple Aabout ABiz, A Aand AI Adon’t Amean Athis Ain Aa Anegative A AFor, A Abut Ain Aa Acreative A AFor, A” Amuses AJenkins. A“I Athink Ahe Ajust Agenuinely Ahad Aso Amuch Alove Afor Ahip-hop Aand Aknew Athat Ahip-hop Acould Achange Ahis Alife. AIt A, and Ahis ASuperman Acape. AOnce Ahe Adonned Ait, A Ahe Acould Achange Ahis Adestiny.”

Alongside Athe A AFor, A Ahis Aunique Astyle Aand Atrailblazing Acareer Awound Aup Amaking Aan Aimpression Aon Asome Aof Ahip-hop’s Aother Afounding Afathers. A“Look Aat Ahis Ainfluence Aon Aguys Alike ARakim Aand ABig ADaddy AKane, A Atwo Aof Athe Amost Aimportant Apoets Ain Athe Aculture, A” Asays AJenkins Aof Aone Aof Athe Amore Aoverlooked Aaspects Aof AMarkie’s Acareer. A“At Afirst, A Ahe A, and Aa Aguy Awho Apeople Amade Afun Aof. APlenty Aof Apeople Atold Ahim A‘no’ Aearly Aon, A Abut Ahe Aknew Awhat Ahe Awanted Ato Ado. AKnowing Athat Aat Asuch Aa Ayoung Aage Ais Arare.”

Jenkins Aalso Ahighlights Athe Ajoy Aand Aflat-out Ahumor Aof AMarkie Ain Aboth Ahis Amusic A(songs Alike A1987’s APickin’ ABoogers Awhich Aopens Awith Athe Aline A“Now Athis Amay Asound Adisgusting Aand Alike Avery Agross” Aand Ais Aabout Aexactly Awhat Aits Atitle Asuggests), A Aand Acareer A(an Aappearance Aas Aa Abeatboxing Aalien Ain AMen Ain ABlack AII). AHe Aalso Aembodied Aa Ayouthful Aaura Astdrugg Afrom Ahis Ahabits Aas Aa Acandy-loving Aadult Awho Anever Adrank, A Asmoked Aor Adid Adrugs.

“He Acollected Atoys Alike ACharlie’s AAngels Adolls Aand A, and Ainto Avideo Agames, A Acandy Aand Acereal, A” Asays AJenkins. AThe Adirector Ahonored AMarkie’s Apenchant Afor Asilliness Aby AfYankeesg Aanimation Aand Aeven Apuppetry, A Arecruiting Athe Apuppetmaster Afrom Athe Ashow ACrank AYankers Ato Acreatively Are-enact AMarkie’s Ayear Ain Athe Ahospital Afollowing Athe Aeffects Aof Aa Astroke.

“I Aused Apuppets Ato Aget Ainto Ahis Alife Ain Athe Ahospital, A” Aexplained AJenkins. A“This A, and Aaround ACovid, A Aso Aa Alot Aof Apeople Awho Areally Aloved Ahim Areally Adidn’t Aget Ato Asee Ahim Ain Ahis Alast Adays Aunfortunately. ASo AI Awanted Ato Agive Aa Asense Aof Ahim Athere Aand Awith Ahis Awife Aby Ahis Apart.” AIt A, and Aa Aconcept AMarkie A, and Afully Aon Aboard Awith. A“I Asaid, A A‘Hey Aman, A Awould Ayou Abe Ainto Asome Apuppets?’ Aand Ahe Asaid A‘Hell Ayeah, A AI’d Abe Ainto Asome Apuppets, A’” Alaughs AJenkins.

As Ahip-hop Acelebrates Aits A50th Aanniversary, A AMarkie’s Amusic Aremains Aan Aindelible Aside Aof Aits Alore. ABut Aoverall, A Ait A, and AMarkie’s Aeffect Aon Apeople Athat AJenkins Asays Ahe Awants Ato Ashine Aa Abrighter Alight Aon.

“We Awent Aback Awith ARakim Ato Athe Ahigh Aschool Ahe Awent Ato Awith ABiz A(Longwood Ain AMiddle AIsland, A ANew AYork) Aand Awe’re Asitting Ain Athe Alunchroom Aand AI Aasked, A A‘The place Adid Ayou In the past Awhen Ayou Alearned Ahe Apassed?’ AHe Alooked Aat Ame Aand Asaid, A A‘I Acame Aright Ainto Athis Aroom Aand Awept.’ AIt A, and Agreat Ato Aknow Athat Apeople Awere Anot Aafraid Ato Atell Ame Ahow Amuch Athey Aloved Ahim.”


  • All AUp Ain Athe ABiz: AThe ALife Aand ARhymes Aof ABiz AMarkie Apremieres Aon AShowtime Aand AParamount A+ Aon A11 AAugust Awith Aa AUK Adate Ato Abe Aannounced

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