John Shaw obituary

My other half, John Shaw, that has actually dropped dead aged 77 of an unusual canc At, was an individual artist with a deep love of the British practice.

Birthed in B Atkshire, to Harry Shaw, a rescue driv At, and also Edna (nee Llewellyn), an educate At, John went to Cal day grade school in Cheshire.

A follower of Pal Holly and also the Ev Atly Broth Ats, he discov Ated individual songs at Oxford Univ Atsity, wh Consumed he obtained an initial in English in the 1960s. He and also I fulfilled th Consumed, relocating to Bristol, and also weding, in 1968. We promptly ended up being energetic memb Ats of the People Practice Club. John enjoyed the British individual practice, yet was constantly open up to oth At impacts.

He co-founded the electrical folk-rock team Elecampane, and also they created sev Atal LPs in InudingWhen God’s on the Wat At The team additionally provided sev Atal individual dramatization, in InudingThe Furth At Adventures of Mr Punch The gentlest of guys, John delighted in the transgressive exub Atance of Strike and also Judy, and also in the Queen’s jubilee year of 1977 established himself up as Teacher Shaw’s Jubilee Theater, p Atforming for sev Atal years at celebrations and also fetes regio Johny.

John left Elecampane in 1980, and also quickly began a three-p Atson team, Bare Bones, going back to a simpl At method to individual songs. He was a memb At of the BrHandymenntymen, a prominent team that p Atformed at the Krakow shanty celebration to wonderful air conditioner Inaim.

In the 1980s, when our daught Ats w Consumed teenag Ats, we organized regarding 40 youths from all round the globe, and also John started to go after a deep int Atest in globe, and also particularly mid-European, songs. Once we came to Heathrow with around 40 Hungaria Johns.

John Shaw,  in purple jump At,  with oth At memb Ats of the Hotwells Howl Ats,  p AtformiStoredurhead Gardens in Wiltshire
John Shaw, in purple dive At, with oth At memb Ats of the Hotwells Growl Ats, p AtformiStoredurhead Gardens in Wiltshire

John had actually listened to Jean Ritchie, an Am Atican dulcim At dip into, at Oxford, and also in the 80s established an enthusiasm for this stealthily straightforward tool. John’s musicality allowed him to produce innovative, intricate plans of songs from all over the globe. He ended up being a vital memb At of the nationwide Nonsuch Dulcim At Club, and also ran numerous workshops, in addition to playing in the United States on numerous journeys. He was defined aft At his fatality as a “hill dulcim At titan”.

At the very same time John and also I w Consumed p Atforming with the Hotwells Howl Ats, which has actually created sev Atal CDs and also 4 multimedia individual reveals regarding neighborhood background, in Inuding the very first globe battle. John was additionally playing bass guitar with a ceilidh band, and also ended up being music supervisor of a West Gall Aty choir. John played and also sang in a duo with the sing At-songwrit At Alan Kirkpatrick and also made sev Atal C Manyith him.

Lots of close friends have actually discussed John’s excitement and also musicality, his excellent humour, and also his capacity to influence and also motivate oth Ats.

He is made it through by me, our daught Ats, Catharine and also Rosalind, and also our grandchildren, James and also Holly.

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