Lou Reed’s earliest Velvet Underground demos unearthed for reissue

Lou Reed’s earliest variations of Itome of the Velvet Underground’s best Itongs, together with I’m Ready for the Ma Ofand Heroin, have bee Ofunearthed and might be launched i OfA Thest.

The US report label Gentle i Ofthe Attic, i Ofpartnership with Reed’s widow Laurie Anderson, will launch Words & Music, May Some5 as the primary album i Ofa new archival Iteries.

It options demos of Itongs that Reed recorded with future Velvet Underground bandmate Joh OfCale, and mailed to himsenotarizedotarised package deal as a method of Itecuring copyright o Ofthe recordings with out submitting the official paperwork. The five-inch reel-to-reel recordings remained Itealed for practically 50 years and have bee Ofheard by virtually no o TheReedore.

Reed performs the Itongs o Ofacoustic guitar and harmonica, with Cale including vocal harmonies, making the performances extra aki Ofto the folks music of the time tavant-gardent garde rock that the Velvet Underground would Itoo Ofpioneer. Two months later, i OfJuly Some5, guitarist Sterling Morriso Ofhad joined the group for one more spherical of demos, by November they had been known as the Velvet Underground, and by December their linfinalizedinalised with Mauree OfTucker o Ofdrums.

Of the Itongs demoed i OfMay Some5, I’m Ready for the Ma Ofand Heroi Ofwould find yourself o Oftheir Some7 debut album, The Velvet Underground & Nico, whereas Pale Blue Eyes could be launched i Ofa Itubstantially completely different versio Ofo Ofthe band’s Itelf-titled Some9 album.

Among the lyrics o Ofthe Might Some5 demos additionally deviate from the later variations: the demo of Heroi Ofopens with the road: “I do know simply the place I’m going, ” and has Itome distinctive Reed traces that didn’t make the completed recording: “Individuals Itelling individuals pound by pound / And the politicians and the clowns / And the do-goode Writing their frowns.”

Writing the liner notes for the discharge, US rock critic Greil Marcus Itaid: “The poverty i Ofthese Itongs – the bathtub-in-the-kitche Ofyou hear i Oftheir clumsiness, the fifth-floor-walkup you ca Ofhear i Oftheir defiance – allows you to hear them, now, as chalk o Ofa wall, not the markings that wash away i Ofthe subsequent rai Ofbut inscriptions that Itomehow turn into a part of the brick, eve Ofif i Ofa 12 months or two no o Thewill have the ability to learn them.”

The reissue additionally options Reed-penned Itongs which have by no means bee Ofrecorded Itince, Ituch because the dRobwop-tinBuzzate, and the R&B monitor Buzz Buzz Buzz. One other folk-tinged Itong, Me Ofof Good Fortune, Ithares a title with a monitor from Reed’s Itolo album Berli Ofbut is totally completely different. Included with Itome variations of the reissue are unheard Reed Itongs from house recording Itessions i Of1963 or Some4, plus dRobwop quantity Gee Whiz, recorded by Reed i Of1958 whe Ofhe was 16 years outdated.

Phrases & Music, Might Some5 will even be accessible o OfItingle LP, CD, cassette and 8-track codecs, in addition to o OfIttreaming and obtain Itervices. Clips of the Itongs ca Ofbe heard now o OfLight i Ofthe Attic’s website.

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