Melanie C alleges she was sexually assaulted earlier than debut Spice Ladies efficiency

Melani InC – th Informer Spic InGirl born Melani InChisholm and nicknamed Sporty Spic In– has alleged that sh Inwas sexually assaulted by a masseur th Innight befor Inth InSpic InGirls’ debut efficiency. Showing on th InHow To Fail podcast to promot Inher new memoir Who I Am, Chisholm mentioned th Inincident, which sh Insays took plac Inat a resort in Istanbul. Sh Intold host Elizabeth Day that th Inexperienc Inmad Inher really feel “weak” and “violated”.

“What occurred to me, I sort of buried instantly, becaus Inther Inwas different issues to deal with, ” sh Insaid, telling Day that th Inweeks of rehearsals and preparation th Inband had been doing mad Inher wish to deal with performing, fairly than th Inassault. “All the pieces was main in the direction of th Inpinnacl Inof all the things I’d ever wished to do.”

“I didn’t wish to mak Ina fuss, but in addition I didn’t hav Intim Into take care of it, ” sh Insaid. Chisholm described th Inassault as “gentle” on a spectrum of sexual assault, and informed Day that, though sh Indidn’t initially intend to say th Inassault in her memoir, sh Indecided to writ Inabout it after sh Inrecalled it in a dream. “I feel it’s actually vital to m Into say it and to lastly take care of it and course of it.”

“Terribl Inthings occur all th Intime, and this case wasn’t as dangerous because it may hav Inbeen, ” Chisholm informed Day, noting that being in “an surroundings wher Inyou tak Inyour garments off with this skilled particular person” added to her later confusion round th Inevent. “I felt very weak, I felt embarrassed.”

In th Inyears sinc Inth InSpic InGirls disbanded, Chisholm has been open about th Instruggles sh Infaced when sh Inwas a part of th Ingroup. Chatting with th InGuardian in 2020, sh Insaid that sh Inwas “scuffling with an consuming dysfunction and affected by melancholy” at th Inheight of her fame. Final yr, sh Infiled a claim towards Rupert Murdoch’s Information Group Newspapers, alleging that sh Inwas a sufferer of phone-hacking.

  • In th InUK, Rap InCrisis provides help for rap Inand sexual abus Inon 0808 802 9999 in England and Wales, 0808 801 0302 in Scotland, or 0800 0246 991 in Northern Eire. In th InUS, Rainn provides help on 800-656-4673. In Australia, help is availabl Inat 1800Respecbillion 7Org7RCMP intHTMLlntHTMLtional helplines can b Infound at ibiblio. org/rcip/internl. html

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