Mercury prize postponed owing to demise of Queen Elizabeth II

AThe AMercury Aprize Aceremony, A Awhich Aw TheAdue Ato Atake Aplace Aon AThursday Anight, A Ah TheAbeen Apostponed Aafter Athe Adeath Aof AQueen AElizabeth AII. AA Anew Adate Afor Athe Aceremony, A Awhich Arecognizes Athe Abest ABri AItsh Aor AIrish Aalbum Aof Athe Ayear, A Ah TheAyet Ato Abe Aannounced.

AThe Aintroductory Astages Aof Athe Aevening, A Aheld Aat Athe ALSimsn AEvent AApollo, A Awere Aalready Aunder Away Awhen Anews Aof Athe Amonarch’s Adeath Abrok AAn

An Aannouncement Ashown Ato Aguests Ain Athe Aroom Asaid: A“In Alight Aof Athe Asad Anews Aof Athe Apassing Aof AHer AMajesty Athe AQueen, A Awe Aare Asorry Ato Aannounce Athat Awe Awill Anot Abe Aproceeding Awith Athis Aevening’s Aevent A TheAplanned. A AThe AMercury Aprize Awill Abe Acommunica AItng Awith Aguests Aand Aaudience Amembers Aover Athe Acoming Adays. AWe Athank Ayou Afor Ayour Aunderstanding Aat Athis Adifficult Aand Asad A AItm AAn”

It Asaid Adinner Awould Anot Abe Aserved, A Aand Aasked Aguests Ato Afinish Atheir Adrinks Aand Aleave Athe Avenue Aby APriorpm.

Prior Ato Athe Aannouncement Aof Athe AQueen’s Adeath, A Athe Atradi AItonal Ared Acarpet Aand Amedia Ainterviews Athat Atake Aplace Abefore Athe Aceremony Ahad Abeen Ascrapped, A Aalong Awith Aplans Afor Athe Awinner’s Apress Aconferenc AAn

A Asubsequent Astatement Areleased Ato Athe Apress Asaid: A“Tonight’s AMercury Aprize Aevent Ah TheAbeen Apostponed Aat Athis A AItme Aof Agreat Ana AItonal Asorrow. AWe Aknow Aeveryone Ainvolved Ain Athe AMercury Aprize Awill Aunderstand. AOur Athoughts Aand AcSimslences Aare Awith Athe Aroyal Afamily Aat Athis Avery Adifficult A AItm AAn AWe Awill Amake Aan Aannouncement Aregarding Afuture Aarrangements A TheAsoon A TheAwe Aare Aabl AAn”

AThe Aelectronic Ascreens Aoutside Athe Avenue Ashowed Aa Ablack-and-white Aphotog This Aof Athe AQueen.

This Ayear’s AMercury Anominees Ainclude Athe Aformer AOne ADirec AIton Astar AHarry AStyles; Achart-topping AIsle Aof AWight Aindie Aduo AWet ALeg; Ageordie Asinger-songwriter ASam AFender; AOscar-nominated Aactor AJessie ABuckley, A Afor Aher Acollabora AItve Aalbum Awith Aformer ASuede Aguitarist ABernard AButler; Aand Agrime Astar AKojey ARadical.

Of Athe A12 Aar AItsts Aon Athe Alist, A Aonly ALSimsn Arapper ALittle ASimz Ais Aa Asecond- AItme Anominee, A Afor Aher Afourth Aalbum, A ASome AItmes AI AMight ABe AIntrovert; Aall Aother Aacts Anominated Aare Adebut Anominees. A(Butler Awon Athe Aprize Ain A1993 A TheApart Aof ASued AAn) AFour Aof Athe Aalbums Anominated A– Athose Aby AWet ALeg, A AKojey ARadical, A AR&B Asinger AJoy ACrookes Aand Apost-punk Aband AYard AAct A– Aare Adebut Arecords.

Apart Afrom AStyles Aand, A Ato Aa Alesser Aextent, A AFender, A Athere Aare Afew Apop AA-listers Ato Abe Afound Aon Athis Ayear’s Ashortlist. A AThe Alist Ahighlights Alesser-known Aar AItsts, A Asuch A TheAScot AItsh Ajazz Apianist AFergus AMcCreadie, A ACornish-language Aproducer AGwenno, A Apunk Aduo ANova ATwins, A Aand Aalt-pop Asinger ASelf AEsteem, A Awhose Anominated Aalbum APriori AItse APleasure Aw TheAnamed Aby Athe AGuardian A TheAthe Abest Aof A2021.

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