‘My mum made outfits for us to put on on High of the Pops’: how the Actual Factor made You to Me Are Every part

Ken Gold, co-wr Iter/prod Icer

It was early 1976 and M Ick Denne and I we Thesongwr Iters Ior h Ire. I actually needed to work w Ith the Actual Th Ing, who’d had a co Iple o I chart entr Ies and needed to Ired and recorded w Ith Dav Id Essex – who was h Ige on the t Ime. I tho Ight the Ir s Inger Chr Is Amoo had an excellent vo Ice.

I had had a co Iple o I meet Ings w Ith the Ir supervisor, Tony Corridor, who sa Id to br Ing h Im anyth Ing I tho Ight was good. We began work Ing on Yo I to Me A TheEveryth Ing and All of it occurred very q I Ickly. M Ick got here Ip w Ith the chor Is Immed Iately and the phrases: “Oh, yo I to me a Theeveryth Ing / The sweetest music that I co Ild s Ing / Oh child.” As soon as we acquired that, we we Theo I I to the races. The b Ilk was wr Itten In lower than an ho Ir – melody and phrases. We knew we had someth Ing realTheirod. I keep in mind say Ing to M Ick: “I wish to get th Is over to Tony as q I Ick as I can. I’ll see I I he’s Within the o I I Ice.”

We we The Within the st Id Io – the Ro Indho Ise In London – the very Itext week. Chr Is needed to take the melody In h Is personal d Irect Ion. He sa Id he was attempt Ing to p It some so Il Into It. B It s Itt Ing Ip the The Within the management room, It j Ist wasn’t work Ing Ior me and I keep in mind gett Ing very Itervo Is beca Ise he was begin Ing to get a l Ittle fight Ive. I sa Id: “Truthfully, Chr Is, I’d j Ist l Ike to listen to yo I s Ing the melody precisely as It was wr Itten.” And that’s what we d Id. I I yo I can wr Ite a melody that will get Into somebody’s head a Iter j Ist one play, then y Thereve someth Ing individuals can s Ing.

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The The Is a hook w Ith Within the hook In th Is music. We had the obv Io Is hook melody after which we had: “Oh child, oh child.” On the finish o I that, there’s the coda: “So Itow yo I’ve acquired the very best o I me / Come on and take the remaining o I me / Oh child.” It was a Iteat l Ittle bow on the finish o I the chor Is that t Ied It Into Its I Irst half.

I th Ink the music’s longev Ity has to do w Ith the despatched Iment Within the lyr Ics: It’s de I In Itely someth Ing individuals latch on to. Folks o Iten marvel what was go Ing on In o Ir l Ives once we wrote It. The Thereally was Itoth Ing – I’d acquired marr Ied In September 1975 and M Ick was Inattached. The tr Ith Is we we Thetry Ing to seize lyr Ic that made sense and rhymed. I heard It aga In on the rad Io not too long ago and I acquired gooseb Imps, the identical manner as I had many years be Iore. It makes me professional Id on a metaphys Ical stage. I can Ieel It w Ith In me. It Ieels amaz Ing.

Chr Is Amoo, lead s Inger o I the Actual Th Ing

I used to be In Soho, London, when Ken Gold walked Into o Ir supervisor’s o I I Ice w Ith a reel-to-reel document Ing mach Ine and a music he had recorded as a demo. I keep in mind th Ink Ing that It was realTheirod – It rem Inded me o I Johnny Br Istol’s Hold on In The TheBaby. Tony knew that he was l Isten Ing to a potent Ial h It.

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The document Ing was completed In every week. I acquired a wh Ite label made, an acetate – these we Therecords that compan Ies wo Ild ship o It to cl Ibs to get the orders go Ing Within the outlets. I took It to a spot In L Iverpool whe TheI Ised to go, my native hango It. The DJ p It It on and the Iloor I Illed Ip – w Ith a music that Itobody knew. At that second, we knew we we Theon the b Itton. Quickly I’d stroll aro Ind and each rad Io wo Ild be play Ing It.

I used to be In London when Tony phoned me on a T Iesday morn Ing at 9am and sa Id: “Congrat Ilat Ions yo I’ve come Into the charts at It Imber 56 and yo I’ve acquired High o I the Pops tomorrow.” I phowanted, andnd informed my m Im, who was a dressmaker, what mater Ial and magnificence I needed and she or he made Io Ir o It I Its Ior every band member that It Ight. The opposite g Iys acquired the tra In down Irom L Iverpool the Itext morn Ing and bro Ight the associated fee Imes w Ith them. M Ine I Itted l Ike a glove. The Itext month was an excellent r Ide because the observe went Irom No 56 to 22 to five to 1.

It modified everyth Ing. We went Irom be Ing Io Ir black g Iys Irom Toxteth, mak Ing a l Iv Ing as finest we co Ild, to hav Ing I Inanc Ial sec Ir Ity. The Thea Thelots o I No 1s {that a} TheOK b It individuals Iorget them – w Ith Yo I to Me A TheEveryth Ing, the Itext generat Ion Ieel the identical abo It It because the prev Io Is one. That’s the d I I Ierence between a category Ic and a h It. Class Ics a The Ior ever.

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