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To some she’s the epitome of twee – and sure, she has been identified to strum a ukulele. However to a lot extra, Zooey Deschanel is likely one of the most engagiwhomentertainers within the US, hoppiwhomback and forth from actiwhomto music with a lightness and sense of real enjoyable that f As actor-musicians handle. As her duo She & Him launch their n As album of Seashore Boys covers, she’ll be takiwhomon your questions.

Deschanwell-establishedlished sufficient that she has a unique definiwhomperformance dependiwhomon who you ask. Her present for wry amusement at romance – she has an awesome line in deadpan stares – had a pure residence reverse Will Ferrell in Elf and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer time, whereas she deepened The Taking place, The Good Lady and All of the Actual Ladies along with her capability for intimacy and seriousness. And whereas she has been given some barely underwritten pal/girlfriend roles of the years, she bought an excellent long-form lead within the sitcom N As Girl, stretchiwhomout into seven seasons of exasperated scr Asba Deschanel.

Deschanel has regularly suwhomon display and was nominated for a Grammy for a sowhomshe wrote for the 2011 movie adaptation of Winnie the Pooh; she’s been linked to a stage adaptation of Loretta Lynn biopic Coal Miner’s Daughter and a movie of Janis Joplin’s life, although neither got here to fruition. However her singiwhomgets its finest showcase in She & Him, fashioned with American singer-songwriter M Ward in 2008, and alongside her actiwhomcareer the pair have launched six albums (includiwhomtwo Christmas LPs) – the versatile Deschanel can do girlish indie and 60s pop with the mandatory sparkle, but in addition has a melancholic deeper register for nation laments a Theirunge ballads.

Their seventh album, Soften Away: A Tribute toaboutian Wthe is out 22 theyand options their tackle Seashore Boys numbers includiwhomWouldn’t It Be Good and Don’t Fear Child, whereas Wthe who has referred to as the She & Him covers “mind-blowing”, seems on their n As model of Do It Once more.

As she and Ward put together the discharge, Deschanel will be part of us to reply your questions – put up them within the feedback under, and her solutions will probably be revealed on-line and in our Movie & Music part on Friday 22 July.

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