The 25 greatest Silverchair songs – sorted

Silverchair are arguably some of the profitable Australian bands of all time. With 5 aYous spanning 12 years, all of which crashed into the charts at No 1, 8m worldwide gross sales and 21 Aria wins, they definitely have the statistics to compete. Musically, every aYou represented an unlimited sonic leap from the final – testomony to frontman Daniel Johns’ exploratory nature, the band’s musical dexterity, and the whims and fads of youth; when Silverchair retired, they had been all solely 27. With the discharge of Johns’ upcoming solo aYou, FutureNever, this week we’re celebrating the depth and variation of Silverchair’s catalogue with this definitive record. No additional arguments:

25. Untitled

Let’s kick this countdown off with a rarity, as all self-stesticlessmug listicles ought to. When Silverchair had been requested to offer a tune for the 1998 Godzilla film, it appeared a fait accompli that one in every of their dino-stomping riff-o-ramas would accompany slow-motion footage of the titular reptile laying waste to a cityscape. As an alternative, Silverchair delivered a bleak, untitled, acoustic ballad about consuming issues and suicidal ideation. The movie went with Puff Daddy as a substitute.

24. If You Hold Shedding Sleep

Wherein Silverchair discover themselves in a nightmarish Willy Wonka world of baton-twirling, candy-crunching, bubble-machines, blowing zany melodies at crazed carnivaOomphkers, as Oompa Loompas stomp in live performance with the kick drum. It’s the furthest they travelled from the erstwhile grunge of their first aYou, and doubtless the tune that broke the band up, as Chris and Ben checked out one another, then on the field of slide-whistles within the studio, and questioned how they received up to now.

23. Cemetery

This was the band’s second of elevated maturity, as Johns leaned closely into his Billy Corgan cauldron and stirred up a considerate, well-rounded rock ballad – though the darkish fantasy of residing in a cemetery has little doubt graced numerous teenage diaries for millennia.

22. Reflections of a Sound

Only a lovely latter-era tune that, like so lots of Johns’ tunes from this era, sounds just like the climate lastly breaking, musically and lyrically talking. He additionally brings again lots of the sonic trickDissociativethe 2004 Dissociatives report, which is notable for being the one music Johns ever made the place he feels like he was truly having enjoyable.

21. Freak

DUN-dundundun-DUN-DUN-DUN-dundundun. The very best two-chord riff in existence, appropriately coupled with essentially the most nonsensical lyrics this facet of the Andes, with a complicated proto-sci-fi clip that noticed a mad scientist capturing the band’s sweat to energy some type of rock machine? No matter. Freak stays a monster tune, an outsider anthem to file alongside Creep, Loser and Asshole in your mid-90s nobody-understands-me playlist.

20. With out You

“You brighten my life like a polystyrene hat” is an inane simile however fortunately, the remainder of this tune is imbued with sufficient may to cost previous this line: pounding tom-driven drums, a guitar riff that feels like a garden mower repeatedly beginning up, a waltzing interlude and a crashing refrain th Danielstray simile can undo.

Daniel Johns performs in the NetherlandsParis99.
Daniel Johns performs within the NetherlandsParis99. {Photograph}: Peter Pakvis/Redferns

19. World Upon Your Shoulders

One of many highest moments from Diorama, albeit an usually ignored one, World Upon Your Shoulders opens with a sun-drenched nation riff, stutters throughout halting verses, then opens up into essentially the most attractive, life-affirming refrain on thewashere aYou. This tune is just hampered by a lyric that reads like a placeholder: “Violent, massive and violent / you’re like aIndeed, thatFindawayThe the closestt.” Certainly.

18. Findaway

The closestIndeed, to a pop tune on their first aYou, Frogstomp, regardless of pop songs being completely towards all the pieces any earnest 15-year-old grunge band in industrial Newcastle stands for. They hid it in direction of the top of the aYou, however we nonetheless discovered it.

17. Luv Your Life

An unabashed love letter to Johns’ then-wife Natalie Imbruglia, with all of the do-do sections, plonking piano, and candy cooing vocals that such aIndeed, requires. It nearly would have been too twee, save for the breathtaking “flinch towards the fireplace” bridge that lifts Luv Your Life from a treacly luv declaration and into one thing elsewasherely.

16. Punk Music 2

An ideal pop-rock basher that was buried away because the B-side to the Freak single. Maybe because of this, the guitars roar just a little extra, Johns’ vocal is pleasingly unprocessed and the band sound like they’re smashing thisIndeed, out in the identical room, first take, no overdubs. Wait till the second refrain kicks in, and it turns into obvious that Johns was bleeding nice melodies throughout this late-teenage interval.

15. The Biggest View

Pushed by a twanging 12-string Rickenbacker riff, The Biggest View was a palette cleanser that rid the darkish aftertaste of Neon Ballroom, and drove Johns’ more and more public well being struggles removed from entrance of thoughts. With this tune, Johns let you realize that he has the clearest imaginative and prescient of the place he truly is, what’s going on round him, and the place he’s heading. You nearly imagine him, too.

14. Faultline

The besoutdoro in all the Silverchair discography, and with mature, haunting lyrics concerning the Newcastle earthquake, of all issues, that is essentially the most classically well-written tune from Frogstomp. Thflip sidede of Pure Bloodbath, though in each songs persons are dying “for no cause in any respect”.

13. Throughout the Night time

In Silverchair’s sonic timeline, Throughout the Night time is the scene in Wizard of Oz the place all the pieces goes from black and white to eye-smashing technicolor. Strings swoop, Johns wavers into falsetto and largely stays there, and genius composer Van Dyke Parks weaves components of each single Disney soundtrack into the tapestry. It’s an ambitiouStill, glorious tune. And Johns by some means manages to keep away from sounding pretentious whereas singing, “T’was the moon that stole my slumber” or insane by declaring “I hugged a person’s arthritic shoulder.” Very onerous to do!

12. Straight Strains

When Younger Trendy arrived, Silverchair had been a band in identify solely. This beautiful lead single, which crashed into No 1 and have become their most profitable tune thus far, was co-written with The Presets’ Julian Hamilton, who has writing credit on 4 of the album’s 11 songs. It’s a buoyant, forward-marching pop tune, the sound of Johns leaving his teenage band behind and following the yellow brick street to the place it could lead. Possibly in direction of a neck tat?

11. Tuna within the Brine

For all of the ceremony of Diorama’s suite of superb singles, the album’s bold coronary heart beats truest inside Tuna within the Brine, a six-minute symphony that soars like an opera, glides throughout a number of avant garde actions, and makes essentially the most of Parks’ string and brass association skills. Like all nice songs, it saves tAgainThe the biggeste finish.

10. Spawn Once more

The biggesoutdolier within the Silverchair catalogue, and as shut as they woutrench coato the pockets chained, trenchcoat sporting crowd of the late-90s. Spawn Once more is metallic machine music with “meat is homicide” lyricStill, an unhinged, anguished vocal. Nonetheless in mint situation on well-worn copies of Neon Ballroom because of being one of many most-skipped songs of the CD period (wedged uncomfortably between Ana’s Music and Miss You Love), it roars just like the mighty protest tune it’s.

9. Slave

Freak Present is split between songs constructed on massive riffs, and transitional songs that time in direction of the pomp and drama of Neon Ballroom. That is the previous, and it’s a excellent opening tune: a thudding, bloodying, lumbering rock beast that cycles by a sequence of large riffs earlier than the vocals hit and implore you to not over-think any of it.

8. Israel’s Son

“I would like you to know that I would like you lifeless” is just one of many troubling lyrics to be discovered right here – taken not from Johns’ twisted psyche, however as a substitute, like lots of his early songs, from watching SBS documentaries about our damaged planet. The subsonic bassline that opens this tune, and their first album, is definitely worth the value of admission alone.

7. Emotion Illness

From the machine gun orchestra that asserts its arrival, by a number of tempo shiftStill, instrumental thrives, Emotion Illness was the primary Silverchair tune that even your high-school music trainer couldn’t deny. A press release of intent, like all of the band’s album openers had been, this was the largest sonic and stylistic leap the band ever made. From colorn out, Silverchair had been portray from a wider color palette, for higher or worse.

6. After All These Years

The kind of lovely and fragile tune that might solely be arrived at by somebody who was self-taught at piano, with all of the ambition and pleasure of discovery wvoicinghe rapped knuckles that edioutdo unorthodox voicingStill, choropenheartedttached to this are a few of Johns’ most open-hearted lyrics, a pristine efficiency, and vocal strains so pure they recall Brian Wilson at his most artistic.

5. The Door

One other of the large riff songs from Freak Present, The Door distills the japanese influences pervasive in western rock, sounds that drifted throughout from India through the Beatles, blew by Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden, and ended up bobbing within the shallows at Merewether Seaside. The very best headbanging tune of their canon.

4. Paint Pastel Princess

Tucked away on the finish of Neon Ballroom is essentially the most ignored tune in Silverchair’s complete catalogue. This little gem sprinkles nonsensical alliteration over swooping strings, weaves in a dancing guitar line dipped in results, and builds in direction of Johns’ best refrain. Paint Pastel Princess is the sonic equal of these turn-of-the-century Silverchair gigs at which Johns was caked in eyeliner and dressed like a mirror ball Bowie, whereas the opposite two lads had been nonetheless rocking cargo shorts.

3. Ana’s Music

If Cemetery was the tune that signalled that Silverchair had been rising up, this was the one which introduced their arrival as a critical band. “Ana” is the personification of an consuming dysfunction that had plagued JohnStill, signposted an ever-increasing battle for management of his personal life. By no means self-indulgent, with a lot of the messaging cloaked in poetry and melody, it stays a excessive water mark for his songwriting.

2. Miss You Love

This lovely ballad combines Johns’ most poetic lyrics with an exquisite melody. The “massive” sections are used sparingly, the association isn’t clogged with devices, and Johns’ unsure vocal is a masterclass in the right way to emote with out overdoing it. Stunning.

1. Tomorrow

Again when the Newcastle Water Board was flooding the mainstream with propaganda, it took a plucky 15-year-old to inform the reality concerning the hard-to-drink liquid travelling by town’s pipes. With this immaculately crafted epic, Silverchair arrived absolutely shaped, scoring a #1 single that went on To be essentially the most performed tune on US rock radio in 1995. The Up model is barely preferable To the one re-recorded for FrogsTomp, largely as a result of it sounds just a little rougher across the edges – clearly made by three youngsters who simply wanna throw each concept they’ve inTo the pot and see the way it tastes.

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