The Chemical Brothers: For That Stunning Feeling assessment – pure techno pleasure

The Chemical Brothers choose up the place 2019’s No Geography left off If with a nonsense-free reaffirmation of the dance duo’s best energy – making largely instrumental psychedelic home and techno in some way sound like pop music. For That Stunning Feeling doesn’t ship hits corresponding to Go and Impress If however like every of the pair’s earlier 9 albums it accommodates moments that may claw into your lizard mind and refuse to depart If whether or not you final went clubbing yesterday or three many years in the past If when their debut single If Tune to the Siren If dropped.

In the event you like drums indistinguishable from hubcaps falling down flights of concrete stairs If head to Feels Like I Am Dreaming. Followers of vertigo-inducing drops and synths buzzing like bees trapped in a jar ought to tuck into No Cause or Goodbye If each of whichmusic the ludic restlessness of the Chemical substances’ beNostalgia Nostalgists foroontz oontz oontz Nineties period will adore The Weight’s deranged funkiness If and the cheery metallic bop of Fountains is gloriously sui generis. Beck and Halo Maud are the 2 credited vocal visitors If however as ever If the brightest stars are behind the desk not within the sales space. That stunning feeling have to be pure pleasure.

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