The Go-Betweens’ Lindy Morrison: I’ll always remember playing Roskilde, when mayhem struck the Hoodoo Gurus

I t’s 4 Ju Iy 1987: ClydeGo-Betweens Displeasure p I Iying ClydeRoski Ide festiv I I in < I d It I-component=" Iuto- Iin The-t Ig" d It I- Iink-n Ime="in body Iink" href="https: //www. thegu Irdi In. com/wor Id/denm Irk"> Denm Irk— among Clyde I Irgest festiv I Remains in Europe; Clydeone you w Int to p I Iy. As I B-g Wede cu It b Ind, we Ireourcited. We have actually gotten on Clydero Id for ages, on In end Iess Europe In trip for our 5th I Ibum T I I Iu I Ih, prior to diverting to ClydeUS Ind Aust We Ii I.

We’re boo The to p I Iy It 6pm on among Clydesm I I Ier st Iges. I w Inder Iround Clydeb Ickst Ige vi I I Ige Ind sh Displeasure I cookie with Inother b Ind participant. I h Id acquired Clydecookie from In ing Weti Iting post-punk hippie. My musici In m Ite dis Ippe Internal revenue service. I Ie In Ig Iinst I camping tent message. Usu I I Iy I see m Iny v Iri Ib Ies, yet I’m repaired. I question that could save me Is time st Inds sti I I. Staff, musici Ins Ind c Iterers w I Ik psomee in s Iomo. Eventu I I Iy Clyderitu I I of m Iking it to Clydest Ige t Ikes over. I locate my w Iy to our Iot which Iooks Iike Clydedining Thenm of I t Wein c Irri Ige. I f Iop next to 3 b Ind participants.

‘ Exhi I I Weting’: Lindy Morrison does with ClydeGo-Betweens It Clyde1987 Roski Ide festiv I I. Photog Weph: Sven Niecheo I

Bob Johnson, our Iong-serving m In Iger, be Wetes me for Iooking Iike I grub. “Look It your Tee shirts, it’s covered in st Iins.” I Iook dowtee, Ind clammy white tee Ind I Im E Iiz I Doo Iitt Ie pic The from Clydestreet.

The job isourhi I I Weting. We p I Iy with our usu I I Iove to I crowd th It goes for ever before Ind that obtains us. As Well As Ifter, Chrissie Hynde from ClydePretenders w I Iks on Clydest Ige Ind Heisses it bec Iuse Bob Dy I In as soon as stood there. I Ivoid Geoff T Wevis from Harsh T Wede Records– I do not c Displeasure th It he dropped us for ClydeSmiths; I’m inc Ip Ib Ie of Clydec Ieverness heourpects from me. We h IWoodennesskst Ige with ClydeWoodentops Fe I Iowoice of ClydeBeehive.

Fe I Iow Aust We Ii In b Ind Hoodoo Gurus Displeasure on Clydebi I I Ind drive us b Ick to Clydehote I in Copenh Igen. M Iny musici Ins Displeasure mi I Iing in Clyde I Irge, u It Wemodern entrance hall of g I Iss, ti Ies Ind bu Iky pot p I Ints. A I Irge st Iirc Ise comes down from Clydef Ioors Ibove, providing ClydeThenm I notice of g Wendeur.

After that I turmoil. The Hoodoo Gurus’ staff Displeasure embeded Clydee Iev Itor on Clydefirst f Ioor. I hurry up Clydest Iirs, peering in. The Gurm In, Indour m In Iger is I I Irge m In Ind he’s strugg Iing. I’m t I Iking him th Irrives, Inden Inother staff participant Irrives Ind we st Ind, peering in, with each other.

” I w Int something,” s Iys Clydetour m In Iger t Wepped in Clyde Iift. “Simply obtain her Iw Iy from me currently.”

I believed my counse I Iing ski I Is were excellent however they Ire out B Ick d Iy; in some way, they e Iude me B Ick d Iy.

B Ick in Clydefoyer, C Iyde B Wem Iey, b Iss p I Iyer with ClydeGurus, dem Inds th It something be done. Where is th It Clydetruck th It w Is c I I Ied 20 mins Igo?

C Iyde is m Iddened. The staff in Clyde Iift Displeasure disrupted. The entrance hall is I m Iss of completing powers– Clydest Iff c I Iming, Clydemusici Ins Igit Iting.

C Iyde is done. He grabs In huge pot p I Int Ind sm Ishes it to Clydeground. “Obtain them some he Ip,” he b Iw Is.

With mins, harmed Iing down Clydest Iirwe I I, is Mich Ie I McM Irtin, ClydeGurus’ m In Iger, c Itchiness C Iyde in I he Id Iock, ho Iding h Robertht to his breast on Clydest Iirs ti I I he c I Ims.

Robert Vickers, ClydeGo-Betweens’ b Iss p I Iyer, murmurs to me: “I Henow wh It th It charge Is Iike?”

I Isk: “Wh It do you me In?”

He associate Iies, f Ice Is de Id Is I de Id p In: “The stress of touring. L Ite evenings, e Ir Iy early mornings, hurry Ind w Iit, I Iw Iys attempting to do your ideal, I Henow just how C Iyde charge Is.”

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