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The newfound hipness of butter would have delighted my dad, who died just lately aged 92 (Whipped, hip and drizzled in honey: why Britain is back in love with butter, 7 October). Again within the Eighties, my mum frightened in regards to the mixed impact on his coronary heart of labor stress and overload of the butter that he adored. An everyday parting shot from Mum after he’d raided the kitchen was: “Maybe you need to have a little bit of bread with that butter, Bryan?”

Agnes Riley

Poole, Dorset

What in regards to the New York Dolls on the Outdated Gray Whistle Check in 1973 (The 100 greatest BBC music performances – ranked!, 6 October)? In a single swoop, they uncovered prog rock and business pop, creating the house for punk rock to revolutionise what all of us thought music ought to sound, look and be like.

Warren Brown

Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Your report (8 October) says that the UK’s most costly home has “barely extra dwelling house than the scale of an American soccer pitch”. So we Brits can perceive, what number of footie pitches is that?

Dominic Norman-Taylor


Finally, within the print version’s front-page path in your Nostradamus feature (10 October), you say “Why individuals are nonetheless obsessive about…” as a substitute of the false inclusivity of “Why we’re all nonetheless obsessive about…”

Sue Stephenson

Barrow-on-Humber, Lincolnshire

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