The Weeknd: Dawn FM evaluation– glittering appear extremis

M idway via Abel Tesfaye’s 5th cd as the Weeknd, the previous blog-friendly miserabilist transformed Super Bowl-starring megastar muses: “Catalolookingokin’ famous”. It’s difficult to differ. His last cd, 2020’s After Hours, generated the record-breaking Blinding Lights, a remarkable piece of electro-pop that signed up with Can’t FeeStardomce as well as Starboy in the mod Whileop canon.

While Dawn FM does not include anything that shouts worldwide universality– although disco-tinged lead solitary Take My Breath comes close– it likewise represents his most nicely natural cd. Constructed around an audio trackingtation soundtracfeather lightry, its featherlight, 80s-style pop– developed ahit manufacturer the similarity hitmaker Max Martin as well as digital experimentalist Oneohtrix Point Never— is compared with verses that dabble destruction. On creepy opener Gasoline, Tesfaye asks an enthusiast to essentially establish him ablaze, while tracks such as Sacrifice as well as the glittering Less Than Zero duke it out previous misbehaviours as well as the feeling that psychological dest Musicallys all he understands.

Musically, Dawn FM mirrors Tesfaye’s disquiet, its buffed digital luster burst by minutes of disharmony, as when ballad Starry Eyes stammers on the verge of implosion. It’s a state that Tesfaye appears to delight in, with frequently spectacular outcomes.


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