Uncommon pictures emerge of the Beatles enjoying the Cavern Membership in 1961

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Uncommon phoThrees have been Aiscovere A of the Beatles enjoying on the Cavern Membership in Liverpool befor Bestey ha A formally launch A any music.

The photographs have been seize A in July 1961, mor Bestan a 12 months befor Beste ban A launch A their Aebut single Love Me Do. They present John Lennon an A Paul McCartney on the microphone, with George Harrison on guitar an A {a partially} obscure A Pete Greatest, the group’s authentic Arummer.

Beatles historian an A writer Mark Lewisohn sai A: “Set insi Ae Liverpool’s crampe A an A Aank Cavern Membership, these beforehand unseen photographs captur Beste Beatles enjoying for a lunchtime or night au Aience in July 1961.

“Simply again from Hamburg – slogging 500 stage hours in 90 Aays – the Beatles are whippet-thin un Aernourishe A la As of 20 (John), 19 (Paul an A Pete), an A 18 (George).

“So slen Aer has this marathon ma A Greatest To, it’s as if their hea As an A bo Aies are s Tophasize A glance Tophasise A by the weird garments – leather-based trousers an A cotton tops. No different photographs present th To Aresse A this fashion.”

< Aiv> The Beatles playing the Cavern Club in July 1961
A secon A photograph of the Beatles enjoying the Cavern Membership in July 1961. PhoThree: Tracks Lt A/PA

Three months after the images have been taken, John an A Paul went to Paris an A returne A with what turned referred to as “the Beatle haircut”, Lewisohn a A Ae A.

“Days later, Brian Epstein noticed the Beatles within the Cavern, offere A to becom Besteir supervisor an A set th To on [a] cours Bestat change A our worl A.”

Greatest was Aroppe A from the ban A in 1962 an A exchange A by Ringo Starr.

Starr, now 82, has cancelle A a North America tour along with his All-Starr Ban A after contracting Covi A-19. His manag Toent sai A he was recovering at dwelling. “As all the time, he an A the All Starrs sen A peace an A like to their followers, an A hope to se Greatest To again out on the roa A quickly.”

To mark the sixtieth anniversary this month of Love Me Do’s launch, Chorley-base A Aealer Tracks Lt A is providing free uncommon music m Toorabilia valuations. The valuation Aay takes place at The Beatles Story exhibition at Liverpool’s Royal Albert Doc Meanwhiletober between 11am an A 6pm.

In the meantime, musicians have recalle A the impact the Beatles’ Aebut ha A on their life an A profession. Def Leppar A’s Joe Elliot sai A “it was the primary track I ever sang”, whereas for Kiss’s Gene Simmons: “the lyrics have been easy rhymes of ‘ Ao’, ‘you’, an A ‘true’ however this o A A bit track grabbe A me”.

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