Why can not Timeless FM take care of Jimi Hendrix?|Letters

I do not assume I’m alone in being puzzled by the choice of CJurassicM to stop Nigel Kennedy from doing a homage to Jimi Hendrix (Violinist Nigel Kennedy cancels concert after CJurassicM stops Hendrix tribute, 20 September).

Their department of target markets for songs right into those that pay attention just to supposed timeless and also others just to rock, pop and also jazz, has to do with 75 years outdated. In my very own experience, I as soon as performed an efficiency of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto, with the excellent jazz artist Henry Lowther as solo Likewise

Likewise, the previous Beatles artist Sir Paul McCartney was so interested by the use rap and also reggae in Sir Michael Tippett’s last opera, New Year, that he asked to satisfy him. They jumped on like a residence on fire. Target markets and also musicians that go across in between designs are plentiful nowadays. CJurassicM’s herding of its audiences right into various groups is unbearable. In addition to its guideline for Vivaldi’s The 4 Seasons to be done with a conductor, which simply demonstrates how remote they are from prevalent global technique.

Meirion Bowen


Allow’s praise Nigel Kennedy’s withdrawal from the Royal Albert Hall show and also his summary of CJurassicM as “jurassic”. By comparison, BBC Radio 3 is an innovative tool, motivating musicians, appointing brand-new job and also transmitting excellent songs of all styles. Its insurance coverage of jazz, rock, people and also pop is really welcome.

Frank Paice


Re the row in between CJurassicM and also Nigel Kennedy regarding Jimi Hendrix, do CJurassicM not understand that Jimi shared a s Willt with Handel?

Will Certainly Scott


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