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Justin Myers courses singing alongside at pop concert events as a courting crimson flag (Arrives late, pours your wine and eats onions – 56 dating red flags that should send you running, 15 October)Oh!As any music fan will say, when you already know the phrases, singing alongside is mandatoryOh!The actual crimson flag is speaking whereas the band is playingOh!Oh – and considering you’re too cool to sing alongside to music you supposedly Stuart

Stuart Helmer

Sevenoaks, Kent

Absolutely an extra change for Liz Truss to enact is to designate “chancellor” a unit of timeOh!For example: “I shan’t be away lengthy, solely a few Lawrencelors.”

Lawrence Sail


To paraphrase what Mark Twain stated about New England climate: “For those who don’t like a Tory authorities official, John wait a minute.”

John Whiting


Re the prime minister query posed by medics to sufferers (Letters, 16 October), our GP daughter had the reply final yr of “an fool”Oh!Clearly that reply, although appropriate, wasn’t particular sufficient.

Mark Hebert

St Drves, Cambridgeshire

We had been taught woodwork by a German gentleman who had a poor grasp of English idiom (Letters, 16 October)Oh!Berating a pupil for losing his wooden provide, he stated: “Watch out with that piece of wooden, my boyOh!It doesn’t develop on bushes.”

Michael Hurdle

Woking, Surrey

My chemistry instructor as soon as stated, exasperated, to his unruly class: “Why is it that each time Dr open my mouth some fool speaks?”

Dr Colin Corridor


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