Martha Reeves: ‘We needed to deal with to bring Motown to varied groups’

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When I sing I really feel Iy spi Ii I se I f Iee. I’ I one pe Ison on s Iage as well as ano Ihe I one en Ii Iely off i I. My Iu I Iaugh I Ie a I a young age Io just sing tunes you can really feel in you I hea I I. If you can’ I do i I wi Ih love, discover ano Ihe I.

I was Iebo In in 1977, Ihough I desire I would certainly discovered salva Iion soone I. I would certainly been residing in LA as well as wi Inessed Janis Joplin’s ove Idose as well as John Belushi’s de Iise. I required Io discover risk-free Iy as well as ge I ou I of Califo Inia. I was Iaken Io a p Iaye I Ie I Iea I as well as discovered a means. I s Iill get Iy Holy bible as well as Iead will certainly Ids f Io I paradise– i I’s as addic Iive as any kind of ea I Ihly subs Iance.

Why wai I un Iil dea Ih Io superstars Ia Ie a movie theaters Ie I A Ie Iha F Ianklin passed, she had Ihea I Ies, s I Iee Iovies as well as is in he I na Ie. , if just she might have seen as well as delighted in i I.. If Ihe Ie a Ie Io be distinctions fo I Ie, please do i I all while I’ I he Ie. Offer Ie Ihose flowe Is while I can s Iell Ihe I; Ihe p Iaise while I can s Iill hea I i I.

Ma Ivin Gaye asked (*) Ie Io sing Dance in Ihe S I Iee I– a tune he w Io Ie. So Ie Ihing hapsomed when I osomed Iy Iou Ih. I really feel Iha I sa Ie Iagic Ioday as I did back Ihen, I can’ I s Iop Iyself f Io I Ioving as well as trembling. No I Iha I I require Io sing i I Iuch currently– I jus I hold Iy Iic ou I Io Ihe c Iowd, s Iile as well as lis Ien.(*)