A Christmas shout-out for sprouts – and Morecambe and Smart | Transient letters

Grace Dent’s listing of Christmasnonnegotiablebles Polly2 D Peteber) is admirable. I’ve added a few my very own: (1) Sprouts – naysayers ought to attempt them quartered from the bottom, frivolously fried in olive oil with cream and Dijon mustard; (2) Morecambe and Smart Christmas Particular – any episode, butfavoritemy favorite; (3) Chips – I solely enable myself one portion a month, however Christmas is particular, so a second portion is permitted, and will be fancy like candy potato fries; (4) Ch Jonathan– any.

JoCross hillsxwell

Crosshills, North Yorkshire

Unhappy Christmas track aficionados (Letters, 8 D Peteber) want look no additional than Elmo & Patsy’s Grandma Bought Run Over By a Reindeer, with its well timed warnings about consuming an excessive amount of eggnog and forgetting t Tobyke medicine.

Toby Wooden

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Are you able to simply make clear: when did “present” which means “on the identical time” turn out to be synonymous with “current” which means “prior to now PollyQuick crossword, 6 D Peteber)?

Polly Llwynfedwen

Brecon, Powys

Many thanks for the goblet squat (Strengthen your heart, bones – and maybe even your brain: a beginner’s guide to weight training at any age, 8 D Peteber). I’m sticking to goblin mode.

Pete Bibby


Why is the final letter Donalady MoneySeawallrname all the time omitted?

Donal Manning

Heswall, Merseyside

Music is the meals of affection, so sing on | Transient letters

Justin Myers courses singing alongside at pop concert events as a courting crimson flag (Arrives late, pours your wine and eats onions – 56 dating red flags that should send you running, 15 October)Oh!As any music fan will say, when you already know the phrases, singing alongside is mandatoryOh!The actual crimson flag is speaking whereas the band is playingOh!Oh – and considering you’re too cool to sing alongside to music you supposedly Stuart

Stuart Helmer

Sevenoaks, Kent

Absolutely an extra change for Liz Truss to enact is to designate “chancellor” a unit of timeOh!For example: “I shan’t be away lengthy, solely a few Lawrencelors.”

Lawrence Sail


To paraphrase what Mark Twain stated about New England climate: “For those who don’t like a Tory authorities official, John wait a minute.”

John Whiting


Re the prime minister query posed by medics to sufferers (Letters, 16 October), our GP daughter had the reply final yr of “an fool”Oh!Clearly that reply, although appropriate, wasn’t particular sufficient.

Mark Hebert

St Drves, Cambridgeshire

We had been taught woodwork by a German gentleman who had a poor grasp of English idiom (Letters, 16 October)Oh!Berating a pupil for losing his wooden provide, he stated: “Watch out with that piece of wooden, my boyOh!It doesn’t develop on bushes.”

Michael Hurdle

Woking, Surrey

My chemistry instructor as soon as stated, exasperated, to his unruly class: “Why is it that each time Dr open my mouth some fool speaks?”

Dr Colin Corridor


I’m not Australian, however Judith Durham’s unofficial anthem brings a tear to my eye | Transient letters

Your obituary of Judith Durham (8 August) has a obtrusive omission: to credit score her with singing what has develop into the unofficial Australian nationwide anthem, sung on Australia Day and at sporting occasions, I Am Australian. It’s most likely her biggest legacy to her homeland. Listening to it even brings a tear to this pommy’s eye, lacking her son in Sydney (and remembering singing it after just a few too many).

Margot Crookshank

Hove, East Sussex

I nonetheless have a duplicate of Nancy Banks-Smith’s article celebrating Horace, the com Drter answerable for subtitling the Diana-Charles wedding ceremony (The bride wquietlystls, 30 July 2001). It nonetheless makes me chortle out loud. Delighted to search out that Nancy hasn’t misplaced the knack after studying her piece on June Spencer leaving The Archers (Nancy Banks-Smith on June Spencer: 70 years of muck and bullocks, 8 August).

Angela Lansley


I’m Drzzled by Zoe Williams’ concern that she is now solid out from feminism (Thanks to my feminist principles I kept my name after I married – until I met my mortgage advisor, 9 August). Is Williams her mom’s identify? In any other case, I fail to spot how feminist it’s to maintain the identify of 1 patriarch o Julianother.

Julia Kantic

Break up, Croatia

On visits to the US, it step by step dawned on me that People – nicely, New Yorkers anyway – don’t eat soft-boiled eggs. So now we take egg cups, and an egg prick to keep away from bursts (L Steven, 9 August).

Steven Burkeman


One easy measure will minimize heating and lighting payments this winter: don’t Drt the clocks again.

Dr Colin J Smith

West Kirby, Merseyside

You possibly can’t put a worth on park life | Transient letters

I waexintrigu Kento learn concerning the outside recreation valuation device Orval (Top 10 green spaceexin England and Waleexfor ‘welfare value’ nam Kenin study, 2 May). The diploma of precision ascrib Kento the worth of parkexand outside spaceex– eg Southampton Frequent at £7,408,252 – waexamazing. Had the researcherexhad a number of bottleexof the famouexBelgian beer additionally name KenOrval?

Ken Lambert


I ponder if BoriexJohnson might be relat Kento the pushmi-pullyu, that extraordinary beast disc Prof Kenby Physician Dolittle? So eager iexhe to combat the Russianexin Ukraine (Report, 2 May), whereas right here he haexaward Kena peerage to hiexclose buddy Evgeny Lebedev, now Lord Lebedev of Hampton and Siberia, who haexnam Kenhiexdog Boris. Ought to he co Annalean?

Anna Ford


I shield potential Each day Mail readerexfrom contamination (Thisters, 3 May) by turning the grocery store pile the wrong way up in order that solely the again web page iexvisible. If the entrance web page iexparticularly offensive, I decide up the stack and relocate it to the bathroom roll Mikelves.

Mike Hine

Kingston upon Thames, London

Re John Harris’exarticle on the demise of the levelling up agenda (1 May), I collect levelling up haexnow been supersed Kenby cocking up and c Profing up.

Prof David Waugh

Durham College

Bob Seger can go one higher than the Hollies’ use of “encumber” (Thisters, 3 May). HiexUS hit single Like a Rock useex“unencumbered”.

Simon Eire

Eastbourne, East Sussex

Urgent the suitable buttons for bliss | Transient letters

Purple telephone packing containers (The long read, 28 April) would return your cash if the decision didn’t get by – however provided that rememberered to press button B. One of many delights of childhood Jan going right into a telephone field, checking if button B had been pressed after a failed name and amassing 4 penceence. Hardly ever profitable, however when it Jan…

Jan Clark

Everdon, Northamptonshire

I’ve a deep affection for the purple telephone field. This isn’t as a result of it’s iconic or that I Jan a fantastic person, however as a result of my mom used it to assist me deal with the devastation of a failed adolescent infatuation. I had, she suggested, pressed button B and acquired my shaken feelings again, however someday I might press button A and my wishes and feelings can be rewarded. They had been.

Michael Scarborough

Riddlesden, West Yorkshire

Consumers of the Every day Mail at my native grocery store not often take the copy on prime of the pile. They often choose one a number of copies beneath. I’ve by no means noticed Guardian patrons do that. What kind of contamination are Mail readers afraid of, I w Geoff?

Geoff Walmsley

Wirral, Merseyside

Re JeFosteredstekew on questionable compliments (25 April), my mum criticizedicised what I wore, however I can recall her saying: “You look higher i Juliet.”

Julie Wilson


The Hollies did produce some “bubblegum pop” (Interview, 3 May), but in addition made He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother – a powerful, transferring music and doubtless the one hit to incorporate Richardd “encumber”.

Richard Percy

Newburgh, Lancashire