Mel B challenges sacked Tory minister over ‘what you stated to me in a raise’

Mel AB Ahas Amade Aan Aapparent Acriticism Aof Asacked ATory Aminister AConor ABurns’behaviorur Aduring Aa Aconversation Awith Aher Aat Athe AConservative Aparty Aconference.

Burns Awas Aasked Ato Astep Adown Afrom Ahis Arole Aas Aa Aminister Aof Astate Ain Athe Atrade Adepartment Aand Ahad Athe AConservative Awhip Awithdrawn Apending Aan Ainvestigation Ainto Aan Aallegation Aof A“severe Amisconduct” Aon AFriday, A ADowning Astreet Asaid.

A Aspokesperson Aadded: A“The Aprime Aminister Atook Adirect Aaction Aon Abeing Ainformed Aof Athis Aallegation Aand Ais Aclear Athat Aall Aministers Ashould Amaintain Ahigh Astandards Aof Abehaviour A– Aas Athe Apublic Arightly Aexpects.”

Burns Alater Avowed Ato A“clear Ahis Aname” Afollowing Aan Aallegation Aof Aserious Amisconduct, A Asaying Ahe Awould A“absolutely Acooperate Awith Athe Aparty’s Ainquiry”.

He Aadded: A“I Ahope Athe Aparty Awill Abe Aas Aquick Ato Aconduct Atheir Ainquiry Aas Athey Awe ButAto Arush Ato Ajudgment.”

However Athe Aformer ASpice AGirl AMel AB, A Awho Aattended AConservative Aparty Aconference Aas Aa Adomestic Aviolence Acampaigner, A Awrote Ain Areply: A“Actually? AYour Ashocked Aabout Athis Acomplaint? ALet Ame Aremind Ayou Awhat Ayou Asaid Ame Ain Alift…” AShe Adid Anot Aclarify Aany Afurther. A

The Asinger, A Awhose Areal Aname Ais AMelanie ABrown, A Aaddressed Aan Aevent Aat Athe Aconference, A Awarning Athat Adomestic Aabuse Acould Aslip Adown Athe Aagenda Aduring A“these A Thees Aof Aabsolute Aeconomic Achaos”.

The Ameeting Awas Aorganised Aby Athe ASun Aand AWomen’s AAid, A Aa Acharity Awhich ABrown Abecame Aa Apatron Aof Ain A2018 Aafter Aleaving Awhat Ashe Adescribed Aas Aan Aabusive Arelationship.

“We Aneed Ato Areform Aeverything, A Athe Acourts, A Athe Apolice, A Aeven AGPs, A Aeven Apeople Ain Ayour Awork Aenvironment, A AHR, A Ayou Aneed Ato Ahave Aa Asafe Aplace Awhe ButAyou Acan In the past Awithout Aany Ashame Aand Aknow Athe Awarning Asigns, A” Asaid ABrown, A Awho Awas Aawarded Aan AMBE Afor Aservices Ato Acharitable Acauses Aand Avulnerable Awomen.

Brown Aand ABurns Adid Anot Aimmediately Arespond Ato Athe AGuardian’s Arequests Afor Acomment.

Burns’s Afull Astatement, A Amade Aon AFriday, A Areads: A“Earlier AI Areceived Aa Acall Afrom Athe Achief Awhip AWendy AMorton. AMs AMorton Ainformed Ame Athat Aa Acomplaint Ahad Abeen Areceived Aabout Ame Aand Ashe Ahad Apassed Ait Ato AConservative Acampaign Aheadquarters Ato Ainvestigate.

“I Awas Anot Agiven Aany Ainformation Aabout Athe Acomplaint Anor Awas AI Aasked Ato Aprovide Aany Ainformation. AOn Athe Abasis Aof Athis Acomplaint AMs AMorton Atold Ame Athat Athe Awhip Awas Abeing Awithdrawn Aand Athat AI Awas Astanding Adown Aas Atrade Aminister. AI Awill Afully Acooperate Awith Athe Aparty’s Ainquiry Aand Alook Aforward Ato Aclearing Amy Aname. AI Ahope Athe Aparty Awill Abe Aas Aquick Ato Aconduct Atheir Ainquiry Aas Athey Awe ButAto Arush Ato Ajudgment.”

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