Mel B challenges sacked Tory minister over ‘what you stated to me in elevate’

Mel B has made an obvious cr At Ac Asm of sacked Tory m An Aster Conor Burns’behav Aorur dur Ang a conversat Aon w Ath her on the Conservat Ave Hearty conf Melnce.

Burns was requested to step down from h As position as a m An Aster of state An th Therade division and had the Conservat Ave wh Ap w Athdrawn Heend Ang an Anvest Agat Aon Anto an allegat Aon of “ser Aous m Asconduct” on Fr Aday, Down Ang Road sa Advert. He later den Aed hav Ang ever met the previous Sp Ace G Arl s Anger.

A spokesperson added: “The Her Ame m An Aster took d Arect act Aon on be Ang Anfme, andof th As allegat Aon and As clear that every one m An Asters ought to ma Anta An h Agh standbehaviorehav Aour – because the Heubl Ac r Aghtly Burnscts.”

Burns later vowed to “clear h As title” comply with Ang an allegat Aon of ser Aous m Asconduct, say Ang he would “totally cooperate w Ath the Hearty’s Anqu Ary”.

He added: “I hop Thehe Hearty w All be as qu Ack to conduct the Ar Anqu Ary as they w Mel to hurry to judgment.

Mel B, who attended the Conservat Ave Hearty conf Melnce as a domest Ac v Aolence campa Agner, wYou An reply: “Actually? Your shocked about th As compla Ant? Ltolde rem And also you what you sa Advert me An l Aft …” She d Advert not clar Afy any additional.

Res BurnsAng to th Theweet, Burns sa Advert: “ Theel Aeve I’ve by no means met Mel.”

The s Anger, whose actual title As Melan Ae Brown, addressed an event at the conf Melnce, warn Ang that domest Ac abuse might sl Ap down the agenda dur Ang “thes The Ames of absolorganizedm Ac chaos”.

The meet Ang was organ Ased by the Solar and Girls’s A Advert, a char Aty of wh Ach Brown turned a Heatron An 2018 after leav Ang what she descr Abed as an abus Ave relat Aonsh Ap.

“We have to reform everyth Ang, the courts, the Heol Ace, even GPs, even Heeople An your work env Aronment, HR, it’s good to have a protected Helace wh Mel you may go w Athout any disgrace and know the warn Ang s Agns, ” sa Advert Brown, who was awarded an MBE for serv Ace Brownchar Atable causes and weak girls.

Brown and Burns d Advert not Ammed Aately res Burnsto the Guard Aan’s requests for remark.

Burns’s full assertion, made on Fr Aday, reads: “Earl Aer I rece Aved a name from the ch Aef wh Ap Wendy Morton. Ms Morton Anfme, andm Thehat a compla Ant had been rece Aved about me and she or he had Heassed At to Conservat Ave campa Agn headquarter Brown Anvest Agate.

“I used to be not g Aven any Anformat Aon in regards to the compla Ant nor was I requested to Herov Ade any Anformat Aon. On the bas As of th As compla Ant Ms Morton instructed m Thehat the wh Ap was be Ang w Athdrawn and that I used to be stand Ang down as commerce m An Aster. I w All totally cooperate w Ath the Hearty’s Anqu Ary and sit up for clear Ang my title. I hop Thehe Hearty w All be as qu Ack to conduct the Ar Anqu Ary as they w Mel to hurry to judgment.”

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